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Searching for the best “pool cover installation & repair services near me”? We’ve got you covered! We don’t just safeguard your pool; we preserve your property. Our meticulous installations ensure your pool remains a sanctuary. Should wear and tear occur, our expert repairs breathe new life into your pool cover. Trust us to protect your pool area year after year. Let us know your custom demands; we will ensure you explore the range of covers that suit your requirements.

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A pool cover installation in Brisbane offers instant and significant efficiencies for the maintenance of your pool. A Paladin technician will provide tailored residential or commercial pool cover solutions to fit any pool size. It’s not just leaks or excess splashing that cause pool water levels to drop; pool cover installation will reduce water loss when the pool isn’t in use. A pool cover also helps maintain the chemical balance of your pool by protecting it from the sun and debris.

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    Our Services

    An experienced Paladin technician can measure, quote and install a pool cover for your pool. We pride ourselves on the delivery of timely, tailored and professional services and work with premium products to deliver you the very best alternatives.


    How Do I Choose A Pool Cover?

    Choosing the right pool cover depends on your needs. For safety, consider a solid, safety-rated cover. For seasonal closure and temperature retention, thermal covers work best. Mesh covers keep debris out but allow water drainage. Automatic covers provide convenience. Evaluate your priorities and consult our professional to ensure the chosen cover suits your pool’s size, location, and usage.

    Does Owning an Automatic Pool Cover Require Maintenance?

    Yes, automatic pool covers require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. This maintenance typically includes cleaning debris from the cover fabric, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting for wear or damage. Proper care extends the cover’s lifespan and ensures it remains effective in keeping your pool clean and safe. Regular professional inspections are advisable to address any potential issues promptly.

    Can an Automatic Pool Cover be Used as a Winter Pool Cover?

    Yes, an automatic pool cover can serve as a winter pool cover, but it’s not the primary purpose. While it can help keep debris out and maintain water temperature, a solid winter cover designed for harsh weather and freezing temperatures is recommended for the best winter protection. If you live in a milder climate, an automatic cover is a year-round solution, including for winter use.

    What is the Difference between Winter Pool And Hot Tub Covers?

    Winter pool covers are designed to protect pools during colder months, keeping debris out and preventing water from freezing. Hot tub covers insulate and maintain heat in spas, conserving energy and preventing debris. They are often more lightweight for easy handling due to the smaller size of hot tubs.

    Do You Offer Pool Conditioning?

    Yes. You are supposed to do pool conditioning annually to help extend the life of your chlorine. Unlike routine pool maintenance, it helps protect your chlorine from UV light that breaks it down. Get a quote to learn more!